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Body Lift FAQ

  1. What is the warranty?
  2. How do you ship?
  3. Do you sell through dealers?
  4. How about payment terms?
  5. Can we lease equipment?
  6. Privacy - What do we do with your data?

What is the warranty?

The Automotive equipment is warranted for 5 years due to mechanical failure of the steel structure. I figure if you haven't broken it in 5 years, you probably won't. The casters, tires, jacks are warranted for 1 year.

The Snow Plow and Loader are warranted for 1 year except of the wear bar and skid pads as these are totally dependant on usage hours.

If you have a problem, just advise and it will be corrected. We're not perfect yet, but we are doing the best we can.

We will refund your money if what you receive is not satisfactory. You may be required to pay freight one way, depending on the circomstances with your order.

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How do you ship?

Our smaller products are shipped by UPS or similar services. The larger products are shipped by common carrier (truck line). Shipping to a residential address carries an extra charge about $50.00 for truck line shipments. If you don't have a fork truck, there may be a lift gate truck fee of $75. If you don't have facilities to unload large crates from 18 wheelers, we can ship to a friends business or the trucking terminal close to you for your to avoid these charges. You can then get it with your truck or trailer. The freight terminals are open late at night, so the pickup can be after 8-5 working hours.

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Do you sell through dealers?

The automotive product line has always been a direct sale to the customer for historical reasons. In a few special cases we have sold to a dealer or route sales vendor.

The lawn and snow products will be sold through distributors and dealers who can provide the service, tires chains, etc. that is needed with that product line. We are still very much in the mode of building this network, so call if you want to be a dealer/distributor.

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How about payment terms?

The automotive business has always been a credit card or check in advance business. We do not do COD's because of being burned early on. The fourth Bottoms Up Lift we made was shipped to California COD and the buyer wouldn't pick it up, so it cost $500 in round trip freight to get it back home. From then on, it was cash in advance.

The lawn and snow product is currently being sold to dealers via credit card as we have not implemented a credit department to check credit. We will probably get to that point in a few months, but currently just don't have the people to do it.

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Can we lease equipment?

We do not offer assistance in leasing, as most of our equipment is under the threshold of leasing companies. We have sold to companies who were working with a lease that they started. Quite often this is a situation where the company is getting several pieces of equipment under one lease, of which ours is one. There are lots of leasing companies looking for your business if you need it, so check the yellow pages or the Web.

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Privacy - What do we do with your data?

We use your name, address,phone, email, etc. for our own sales activities. We do not sell mailing list information to anyone. We do not keep credit card data after the order is charge, but shred the data.

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