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Easy Tilter FAQ

  1. What's unique about the Easy Tilter?
  2. How do I mount the Easy Tilter to different hub sizes and styles?
  3. What fluids do you drain?
  4. Freight Cost?
  5. How do I order?
  6. What's the warranty?
  7. How much do they weigh?
  8. Can I get it shipped to my house?
  9. How long does it take to assemble it?
  10. How much storage space do they take?
  11. Are they powder coated?

What's unique about the Easy Tilter?

The Easy Tilter was developed to turn a vehicle on its side in a one car garage. I used to sell a Tilter made by another manufacturer, but felt it took up too much room. I always felt the real problem with all the Tilters made, and patented, since the 1920's was that they took up 2 car bays to use. I also felt if I could get one under $700, it would put them in the reach of lots of hobbyists who need one to work on that nice driver their restoring. I began to develop the concept of the current tilter in 1996. A year of so of trying different ways to do it resulted in the current design. By having the wheeled carriage assemblies mount to the hubs, the bottom of the vehicle rolls in toward the jack, instead of the care rolling away from the jack into the next car bay. Because the jack does not need to move, an engine hoist can be used. Consequently, we sell our unit with or without the jack, which ever you need. If you use your engine hoist, for $25 we will build a clevis adapter to slip in your boom, so it can grab our lifting plate tab just like our jack does.

The Easy Tilter is much heavier in construction than the competing units, even if they claim similar weight handling capacity. Just check the shipping weights.

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How do I mount the Easy Tilter to different hub sizes and styles?

The Easy Tilter has different wheel plates for different bolt patterns: 4 bolt, 5 bolt, etc. The plates are slotted so they will work on different makes. There is such a wide size difference in the 5 bolt style that it takes three sizes to span them all. The small pattern one's have the bolt pattern down in the 3.5" range, which will hit the center bearing hub on a pickup or 4 wheel drive. Ford pickups need another as they have to have a 4" center hole, which won't work with 4.5" bolt center circles. You get one set of plates (3) with the Tilter. Extra sets are $75.00 each.

The tie bar from front to rear carriage is adjustable up to 145" in wheel base. If you need one for a stretch limo, let us know. We can build you a special one.

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What fluids do you drain?

Depends on the vehicle. You need to worry about gas, oil, transmission fluid, and battery. I usually drain oil. With newer vehicles, the gas system is sealed, so you don't have to worry. Older cars, either tilt with side fill tube up, or rear fill with gas tank at least half empty. Otherwise, you need to drain the oil. With Auto transmissions, I just tape the fill tube if it's down.

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Freight Cost?

The Easy Tilter is shipped by UPS in several cartons. Just the Tilter cost from $50 to $120 depending on where you are in the USA.

The Jack is similar in price. They both weigh about 225 each. It is sometimes cheaper to ship the combination of Easy Tilter and Jack via motor freight. We can give you the exact cost at the time of order.

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How do I order?

We are glad to take orders. They make our day. We write up the order with your preferences in type of lift, delivery method, and payment method. We have three methods of payment, all of which are designed to be sure we get paid. If you want to use a credit card, just give us your card number. If you want to pay by check, we give about a 2% discount. We don't do COD, as we have had them refused by the "buyer" and we pay freight both ways. The check can be business, personal, certified or money order. For personal checks we will hold shipment for a week to be sure the check clears the bank. Make the check out to Accessible Systems, Inc,. I don't care which method you use. Do whatever feels comfortable to you. These are the methods that assure I get paid for the merchandise. We've learned the hard way that they are necessary, because everyone isn't as honest as you probably are.

Easy Tilters are usually in stock, as opposed the the Bottoms Up Lift, which is built to order. If not, it would only be a few days to ship one. We will give you a promised ship date when you place your order. Our shipment to promise date performance runs 95%, but were striving for 100%. We rarely are more than 1 day late.

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What's the warranty?

Accessible Systems warranties the Easy Tilter for 5 years steel. The winch is warranted by the manufacturer for 1 year.

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How much do they weigh?

Both the Easy Tilter and it's optional jack weigh about 225 each. We can give you the exact freight cost at the time of order.

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Can I get it shipped to my house?

Yes, if you accept UPS shipments there.

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How long does it take to assemble it?

Assembly the first time is just 15 minutes. Attaching to a vehicle after you have the Easy Tilter assembled takes 30-60 minutes, depending on the kinds of jacks you have, etc.

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How much storage space do they take?

The Easy Tilter comes in 2 boxes of 35" x 10" x 10", 1 of 50" x 5" x 5", two 30" x 6" x 3" and 1 of 10" x 10" x 10" and weigh 225 lbs.

The Jack comes in 1 box 94" x 6" x 4", one of 35" x 10" x 10", one of 18" x 12" x 12 and weigh 225 lbs.

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Are they powder coated?

The are bare steel per the price list. We can POR15 coat or send out for powder coating if needed.

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