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Easy Tilter

The Easy Tilter was developed after having sold an older style tilting device for a couple years. The main fault found with the old "bent pipe" roll over device was that it took two car bays to use it. It seemed that a tilter that could remain in the same garage bay after rotation would be more useful to most users.

The Easy Tilter is sold two ways: with our vertical post jack for the lifting mechanism or the users engine hoist. Using the engine hoist temporarily requires two bays until the car is on it's side, at which time the hoist can be rolled out of that bay. Of course, the engine hoist approach is much cheaper.

The Easy Tilter has a weight capacity of 5,000 lbs. for normal cars/sedans. It will hold up to a 4,000 lb SUV (SUVs are taller and put more stress on the Easy Tilter than other cars do). The pickup shown here is 4500 lbs.

See details and pictures of the Easy Tilter

easy tilter picture

Product Price
All Easy Tilter items are unpainted.
Easy Tilter with one set of wheel disk (4, 5, or 6 bolt) $750.00
Extra sets of wheel disks $110.00
Easy Tilter engine hoist adapter $30.00
Vertical post jack $900.00
To order call us at 423-782-6322