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Features and Benefits

Accessible Systems tries to bring you the best value in a car or truck rotisserie systems. We list some of these features here. We also may contrast them with some competitive unit's features and claims. We do this knowing we are obviously biased toward our features, but we do try to be truthful in our comments. It's your job as the buyer to compare so you get the best value of features YOU need. We make 5 different models to match your needs with your pocketbook. We do have 22 years of experience designing and building the Bottoms Up Lift series in the USA. We are a husband and wife team with several workers with a real address, etc. not just a website and an email address. Check us out with the Better Business Bureau.

The China Direct rotisserie -- In the last few years, several distributors have been selling a twirler imported from China. One of them bought a copy of the Indiana twirler and had it copied in China (are real Chinese copy!) This lift is comparable to the original, but done in metric tubing, which gives a sloppier sliding fit, and has a couple design defect which we explain on our video.

Quality Construction -- A competitor lists his units as being triple pass welded. If you have to triple pass weld 3/16" tubing, you need to turn in that little 110V welder and get a real machine. Here is an example of our weld quality.

Image of weld quality

Fully adjustable -- All units are adjustable in width from 10" to 58"; in length from pickup a cab to a 20' long unibody car; high enough to rotate a 85" wide body. The mobile units have a 5 piece telescoping center connector that is exactly as long as needed without sticking out past the end axle for you to trip on. Our center connector is adjusted with jam bolts to take the slop out of the joint, vs. through bolts which leave it loose.

Strength -- Our units are rated very conservatively with lots of safety margin. We have 15" long attachment arms that bolt to the car, to give lots of working room around the front and rear of the car. We could double our rating if we reduced the arms to 7.5" as some of our competitors have, but then you couldn't get a paint gun in there. Just ask detailed questions about the weight of the units. No piece in our unit is heavier than 60 lbs, so is easily broken down by one person.

Easy to use -- All Bottoms Up Lift car rotisseries have a balancer tool to set the center of gravity exactly, not every 3" as in several of our competitors do. This makes for easy, one hand rotation. It's a simple 5 minute task to balance the car or truck body. The body rotation can be stopped at any of 360 degrees.

No welding -- Our Bottoms Up car lifts have long, 15" attachment arms with bolt holes going sideways and up/down to mount body shells, frames and unibody cars by using the unibody brackets. We make special brackets for unusual cars like XKE Jag, etc., where the bumper mount points are not strong enough to support the weight of the car. Special bracket sets range from $25 - $100.

Easy storage -- The units break down to be stored in a few feet square in a corner when not being used. All end units are free standing.

No banking your shins -- Our center connector that connects the front to the rear is a single connector that is under the center of the car, vs. two at the end of the axles - right where you need to stand. We can have a one-piece connector do the job of two because we inset the wheels under the body. This reduces the stress on the tongue by almost 1/2. Some competitors use a single connector, but don't inset the wheels, and the center connector sag is evident.

Wheels -- We make units with hard casters and balloon tires to fits your needs. The hard casters are 6". Rubber tires 17" in diameter. Swivel caster rubber tires are not used on the heavier units as they are hard to turn, thus the wagon design on the bigger units.

Priced Competitively -- If you compare what you're really getting, we are as cheap as anyone. The problem is separating the real from the vaporware.