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Competition Testing

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I'd like to think Accessible Systems provides the best value in auto rotisseries. We have 5 different series to fit your needs and pocketbooks. We have other accessories to help make that restoration project a success.

A value comparison, of course, means your comparing apples to apples, not oranges. That is the reason for us spending the time and money to evaluate competitors. What is sometimes claimed does not always hold up under scrutiny.

In all three units we evaluated, I took the materials and made our standard cut/drill sheet which contains a cost, weight calculation. I would price the same product built in our shop with similar or better material for the same or less money. So if you like one of those other folks units, we'll build you one for $50 less.

We have a powder coating arrangement with a good supplier down the road a few miles. We offer several different powder coating colors. Contact us for details. There will be reasonable extra charges for coating ranging from $450 for the 4KE lifts to $550 for a 3000 lbs lift.

Give us a call if you have any questions.

Joel Johnson