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Competition Testing

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What kind of wheels do you need, if any?

If you have a hard surface like concrete or asphalt, get a hard caster version.

The hard casters can vary from cheap 3" steel casters to 6" phenolic casters with brakes and swivel locks like on our systems. Here is a comparison with our 5" caster (on the left) used on our unit with a competitor's 3" steel used on their "3000 lb" unit. Our 5" casters are rated at 900 lbs. each. All our casters bolt on, so if you need to replace on, you don't have to cut it off.

Below you can compare our heavy duty 900 lb caster on the left with another competition's 500 lb version on the right. We put brakes on the 4 corner casters so your Bottoms Up Lift won't move when you're sanding on the car body.

You need a strong center tongue under the car to keeps the uprights straight up and not bending the body.

If you have gravel or need to pull up on a trailer, a rubber tired version is probably needed as above. Our units use a 17" diameter wheel with a 1000 lbs rating. Some competitors "3000 lbs." units, use the 10" pneumatics, which are rated at 350 lbs. each. Don't use pneumatics if you don't have to, as they cost more and they don't turn as easy.