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Competition Testing

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Is it easy to use?

Ease of use is a very subjective thing. What someone might consider a desirable feature, might not mean much to you. You just have to ask questions, investigate, etc.

I feel the single center tongue underneath the car body is a big ease of use issue. I just don't like the idea of standing on the two outer rails of the type that has the center tongues on the end of the axles. Those manufacturers will tout their design as being more rigid because of this. We will deal with that issue on the next page. They will also claim they can remove their two center tongue pipes to allow free access under the center of the car. This only applies if you never take a body off the frame, and that you double bolt all four corner of the frame to the rotisserie. Thus, the body is part of the structure holding the rotisserie up straight. The car can be a few inches lower to the ground with the center tongues on the outside, then with our system.

I really like the telescoping center tongue, because it is only as long as need be. I don't like the idea of having 6 feet of tubing sticking out one end of my rotisserie for me to trip over when I walk around that end of the car. It cost more to have the telescope, but I feel an extra $50-$100 is worth the feature. You may not. Be sure to ask how many and how long the center tongue pieces are. We found some to be shorter and much smaller tubing than ours.

Some like the 3 caster end unit as it's easy to roll up to the car, which is true. The downside of that design we've already discussed. Some claim you can lift the car body from the frame with the end units, as below:

The problem with this design is the front caster doesn't nearly come out as far as the attachment arms, so the unit wants to fall on its nose.

This unit also only goes down to 20", so can't really get under a body unless it is on extra tall jack stands. I like our adjustable versions ability to get down to 15" or so to grab you car of the jack stands.

Both versions we bought recently use hard casters with no locks, vs. our locking units.

Our 3000 lbs. series also add swivel locks, to set the back two so the back end doesn't wander sideways when one person is moving it. This caster is a 6" phenolic caster rated at 1000 lbs.

We provide a balancing tool at each end to make the balancing of the body a simple 5 minute process. We provide continuous adjustment of balance, not just every 3 inches or so as with some manufacturers. This means the car is perfectly balance, not within 50-100 lbs push of being balanced. We also have 15 inches of balance range, vs. 9" for some. Helps on those tall old cars or pickup cabs.