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Competition Testing

Here we test other rotisserie manufacturer's products and publish our findings. You might imagine that we are not completely unbiased in this evaluation. Hey, we're human. We will try to maintain some level of objectivity in our evaluation. We've even found things doing this that we incorporate into our products. At least this area will give you some things to think about, and ask questions of all manufacturers before you decide which product is best for you. Some of the poor results found may even cause some other manufacturers to change, so their current product may not reflect what we saw in the summer of 2005.

As explained in the company history page, we have been building Bottoms Up Lifts since 1988. We started the auto rotisserie industry.

A couple new manufacturers of rotisseries have started selling in the last year or so. We are evaluating them first. We'll break this evaluation into feature sections. Click on each section to review.

Be sure to go back to the individual product sections to compare features in detail.