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Balancing the body so it turns easily

A properly made auto rotisserie will allow the car body to be balanced so it is not top or bottom heavy. You should be able to rotate the car with one hand. All current manufacturers that I am aware of have balance adjustments. Some use fixed steps of 3" and some, like the Bottoms Up Lift, use an infinite resolution adjustment so the balance can be exact. The other variation is the amount of travel for centering.

The short adjusting height of the T-Bar where you balance your car on this rotisserie can be a problem. There is only 9" of adjustment up/down to center your body so it is not top or bottom heavy.

These adjustments must also be made in 3" steps. If you had a 2000 lb car on the system and the center of gravity was off by 3", this would leave a moment of 6000 lb-in divided by 1/2 the width of the car of 40" means you need 150lbs to rotate the car. Even being off by 1.5" means you need 75 lbs to rotate the car. Our infinite adjustment feature brings that to zero. Also, 9" is not enough offset on tall, older car bodies to get the car centered. The Bottoms Up Lift has 20-24" tall T-Bars for adjustment.

The Balancing Tool makes quick work of centering the body without having to set the body back down on the support stands to adjust the T-bar.