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Do you want the weakest rotisserie on the market, or the best?

How did the Chinese come up with this atrocious design?

It started with the original Indiana twirler shown here in our shop about 4 years ago. Note the holes in the vertical piece are going front to back. The big bolt holding the T-Bar goes into the pivot pipe. It had a big washer to press against the inside tube to help try to keep it square.

Here is another view of that T-Bar in green along with on our unit in yellow. The problem with the holes going in this direction is 90% the stress is on the front and rear sides of the tubing (with the holes in it), which destroys 1/3 of the tubing strength. This was not best choice, to say the least. After we exposed this problem on our web site, they when to this design on the right.

The bolt now goes side to side, which improves the strength. They added one more bolt hole for 12" of balance adjustment (vs. our 18"). They also lengthened the outside slider as they couldn't clamp from the front anymore. They also copied our balancer after buying one of our systems, but put the termination on the outside pipe so you can't rotate and test the balance while it's engaged.

The weak T-Bar is why you see their show demo's with these little 6" arms instead of the standard 15" arms, as they don't want you to see what is happening in the next picture. Of course, that it doesn't stay straight with a 700 lbs. shell on it, might make you question the 3000 lbs. rating also.

See how the arms are sagging way down. You can run and hide behind 6" arms, but that doesn't make the system any stronger.

Somewhere about this time, the direct from China lift folks bought an Indiana twirler and sent it to be "china copied". They kept the short outer slider, but with the side bolt--the worst of both designs. Even though it is direct from china, made in an ISO 9000 factory and powder coated, it's still a rotten design. It's made worse because it uses metric tubing. Metric square tubing just doesn't have the nice sliding fits that 3/16" wall US tubing does, so you get the real loose joint on the slider here.

Which would you rather have, the left or right?

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