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We are beginning our 22th year of manufacturing the Bottoms Up Lift, our auto rotisserie, selling direct to you. They come in several versions: 3000 lbs., 4000 lbs. End Unit, and 4000 lbs. Towable. These rotary car lifts can come with no wheels, hard casters or balloon tires. You can also have a car rotisserie with or without jacks for adjustable height. Whether you call it a twirler, barbeque, auto spinner, rotator, spins, direct-lift, etc, the Bottoms Up Lift is the way to keep the dirt out of your eyes.

All Bottoms Up Lifts are complete with adjustable width, length and centering. All versions with wheels have a telescoping center connecting bar system included. A balancing tool is standard equipment so that turning the car over is easily done with one hand.

Please explore the in-depth detailed description pages which explain each feature and option. All Bottoms Up Lifts are currently shipped unpainted. You can have them painted at additional cost.

Prices for our Bottoms Up Lift rotisseries are on the
BUL price list page.