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Body Lift

Product Price
Body Lift (advise us of engine hoist boom size) - unpainted $325.00
Body Lift

The Body Lift (rated at 1,000 lbs.) consists of the blue items attached to the engine hoist plus the tie down straps. The new boom piece is needed to get to the center of the vehicle without getting too high.

Most 2 ton or better engine hoists will work. They do need legs that extend, or fixed length legs that are about 60 inches long.

Body Lift

The tie down straps are attached to any two convenient places in front and back. They also can be slung under the body like a belly band. The straps are adjusted on the "H" frame for balance.

Body Lift Body Lift

Customer Bill Dalrymple 's Comments - 8/24/03

"Just thought I'd drop you a line. I bought a body lift the first part of the year and I just wanted to say thank you. It was all your ad said it was and more. I pulled the body off my '59 El Camino. I had the engine rebuilt; a new transmission installed; new brakes; painted the frame and the underside of the body. I then reinstalled the body without any help at all, unbelievable. I still can't believe it!"

Body Lift

Measurements of your hoist boom are needed--just the size of tubing that makes the very end of the boom. It will be replaced with our elbowed boom, and we need to make it from the same sized tubing.