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Heavy Duty (w/Adjustable Height) Body Cart

heavy duty body lift picture

The heavy duty height version has 10" of vertical adjustment (from 20" to 30" or 27" to 37" depending on tires) at each of the 4 posts, to allow for different heights in front and back. Length is adjustable from 12" to 14 ft and width from 32" to 75". This version has a tow handle. The weight capacity of the heavy duty version is twice the capacity of our normal body carts: 2000 lbs.

top post picture

The top post has a flat surface with bolt holes for securing a body to the cart. There is also a side flange that can be bolted on to give a vertical side to allow clamping a unibody frame rail to the cart. The top post have rubber pads to protect the body from scratching.

Product Price
All Body Carts are unpainted.
Body Cart (Adjustable Height) with 5" Hard Casters - rated at 2,000 lbs. $400.00
Heavy Duty Body Cart (Adjustable Height) with 5" Hard Casters - rated at 5,000 lbs. $550.00
Corvette Adapter Kit (for the regular Adjustable Body Cart) $120.00
Corvette Adapter Kit (for the Heavy Duty Adjustable Body Cart) $155.00
Off-road upgrade (Rubber Tires) +$220.00
Painting available +$230.00
To order call us at 423-782-6322.

All body carts come with free mounting brackets at time of purchase. Everything you need to mount your car is included in the price.

Includes Lifetime Warranty!