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Body Cart

Two different versions of the Body Cart are available: adjustable height, and heavy duty (with adjustable height). These body carts come equipped with either 5" hard casters or rubber tires. The adjustable height/hard caster version can be ordered by giving us a call or shooting us an email. If you wish to order one of the heavy duty versions or the adjustable height/rubber tire version, please call or email us so we can calculate what the shipping costs will be.


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Product Price
All Body Carts are unpainted.
Body Cart (Adjustable Height) with 5" Hard Casters - rated at 2,000 lbs. $400.00
Heavy Duty Body Cart (Adjustable Height) with 5" Hard Casters - rated at 5,000 lbs. $550.00
Corvette Adapter Kit (for the regular Adjustable Body Cart) $120.00
Corvette Adapter Kit (for the Heavy Duty Adjustable Body Cart) $155.00
Off-road upgrade (Rubber Tires) +$220.00
Painting available +$230.00
To order call us at 423-782-6322.

All body carts come with free mounting brackets at time of purchase. Everything you need to mount your car is included in the price.

Includes Lifetime Warranty!