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Company History

Our founder, Joel Johnson, built our first rotisserie in 1986 for his son's '57 Chevy project. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we have no pictures of it. Joel, his dad, and his son Tim built it one Christmas as Tim's Christmas present. A year later, a restorer we bought a parts car from saw the rotisserie and wanted to buy it. We agreed to build him one, but with a revised design to take out all the mistake in the first one. Joel set Tim up building some that summer to make some extra college money.

Here is some pictures of our first shop - a tent at the end of our house.

Here is our first lift - fixed height, fixed arms, great for '57 Chevy, but not very adjustable. We learned a lot from customer suggestions and request for features. Unlike one of our competitors, we don't claim to have invented the rotisserie. Rotisseries have been around since the '20s. We just began the serious marketing of the product to get it to restorers.

The business was part time for a number of years. Joel even had the manufacturing subcontracted from '91-95. Due to some hearing difficulties and job problems because of them, Joel went back to college in 1995 at the age of 51 to get another engineering degree. Joel took back manufacturing then and did it at our farm. The business continued to grow during the college years until Joel was 3 classes from graduating. He then decided to totally concentrate on Accessible Systems rather than finish the degree in 1999. Joel's wife, Ethel, has been full time with us since '95. Both of Joel's daughters have worked in the business at one time or another. Tim, a mechanical engineer now, has done CAD and consulting for us.

In 1998 we added the Easy Tilter. After going full time with the business, Joel had time to work on new designs. A string of new products in addition to the Bottoms Up Lift have been added. The new products are aimed at making the restoration project easier for the single restorer as well as the big folks.

In 2015, Joel stepped down due to health concerns, and I, Tommy, (Klassik Kustoms) took over operations.

We hope you will find the product you need from what we build. We are in the business of making things more accessible for you.


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